Chalkscape Chalk Heads


  • Set of 6 Chalk-Heads
  • Attach chalk to a rake to create a unique outdoor art utensil!
  • Chalk-Heads easily hook onto the tines of a standard plastic rake (only compatible with standard plastic rakes)
  • Quickly make rainbow works of art, raceway lines, invent games, and more
  • Includes 6 pieces of colored chalk
  • Chalk-Heads are soft and double as chalk holders

All kids need to quickly turn asphalt and cement surfaces into playgrounds and works of art are a standard plastic rake, chalk, and a set of our Chalk-Heads! Chalk-Heads are easy to use; just attach them to the tines of your rake and slip in a piece of chalk. Then drag the rake along the ground to instantly make rainbows of spiral patterns, invent games with raceway chalk lines, and more! Chalk-Heads can also be taken off the rake and used as easy-to-grip soft chalk holders.

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