Designed with a squishy, moldable middle and a sticky, rubbery outer surface, the Stikball is geniusly designed to stick to any smooth, flat surface you throw it at.

Strap on the two flat-surface mitts and start tossing. With a big SPLAT, the Stikball sticks perfectly and powerfully to your friend’s mitt, making it amazingly easy to catch.

Includes Sticky baseball and two flat-surface mitts for playing catch

  • Encourages gross motor skills, coordination, active play, cooperative play
  • A unique and fascinating throw-and-catch experience
  • Sticky surface feels sticky, leaves absolutely no sticky residue
  • Sticks to almost any smooth, flat surface
  • Stikballs work great as stress balls too
  • Includes 2 flat-surface mitts, Stikball
  • If Stikball gets dirty, simply rinse with water


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